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Global Commodity Ventures (GCV) has a wide range of products designed to meet
the energy and raw material needs of the cement, construction and other allied industries.

Thermal Coal

It is also known as Steam Coal because it is primarily burned to produce steam…

Pet Coke

Also known as Petroleum Coke, Pet Coke is extracted during the oil refining process…

OPC Clinker

A mixture of Limestone, Clay and Iron Ore is heated to a temperature of approximately...

Copper Slag

When copper is extracted from copper ore by smelting, it generates a waste material...

GBF Slag

When iron ore is smelted to extract iron metal in blast furnaces, the byproduct in...

Fly Ash

Fly Ash is a byproduct which is produced during the combustion of coal in...


Also known as hydrated calcium sulfate (CaSO4·2H2O), Gypsum is a soft mineral...


Cement is absolutely crucial to the construction industry. It is the main component of...

A-to-Z Solutions

At GCV, we offer the full gamut of services, from procuring the right raw materials for your requirements to delivering them to your plant or factory, and everything in between.
From the time you place an order with us to the time your order is delivered at your chosen destination, our experienced Logistics team ensures that every step of the operation runs smoothly, efficiently and accurately.
GCV Team
GCV supplier of coal and copper slag
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Largest supplier of Coal & Copper Slag in the Middle East

Based in the UAE, we are part of the fast-growing and dynamic GCV Group. GCV was set up primarily for meeting the growing raw material needs of the cement and power industries in the Middle East.

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