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GCV Group: Bold, Dynamic, Visionary

The GCV Group is one of the most dynamic entities in the UAE. Founded in 2013, today the Group comprises several companies with diverse business interests, ranging from commodities trading, shipping, cement, technical services and construction, to sustainable solutions consultancy, agro products, spare parts and automobile trading.

With over 200 employees across five global offices, the GCV Group’s turnover is more than US$ 2 Billion. This staggering growth was achieved in just ten short years due to the dedication and innovation of its professional team and the bold and visionary leadership of its management team. As we move forward, we are committed to decarbonisation and adopting technologies that are low on emissions and high on efficiency.
Metro Cement
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HMKPARTS - Auto Parts Supplier

ISO Certification

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As a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in every aspect of our operations, GCV has been awarded ISO for Quality Management Systems.

Meeting growing energy needs

Based in the UAE, Global Commodity Ventures (GCV) is part of the fast-growing GCV Group. The Company was set up primarily for meeting the growing energy needs of the cement and power industries in the Middle East and Africa. We provide customized Source-to-Destination solutions to our buyers, sourcing quality raw materials directly from the source and ensuring their timely delivery at the desired location, while taking care of all shipping, documentation, transportation and logistics requirements along the way.

Today, we are the largest Coal and Copper Slag supplier in the Middle East. Our full range of products include Thermal Coal, Pet Coke, OPC Clinker, Copper Slag, GBF Slag, Fly Ash, Gypsum and Cement. These raw materials are sourced from South Africa, Mozambique, Australia, USA, India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Colombia.

All our operations are backed by a qualified and experienced team which ensures that our products remain cost-effective and are delivered safely and on time, every time.

Ambitious Future Plans

In the next few years, we plan to significantly expand our product portfolio and expand our market reach. Our aim is to become a one-stop source for raw materials for cement and other industries.