GBF Slag

GBF Slag

When iron ore is smelted to extract iron metal in blast furnaces, the byproduct in the smelting process is Granulated Blast Furnace Slag or GBF Slag.


Composed mainly of silicate and aluminate compounds, including calcium, magnesium and aluminium oxides, GBF Slag also contains a substantial amount of calcium sulfide.

 It has a granular texture and a glassy appearance and also has a relatively high density. Its color ranges from dark grey to black.


GBF slag is widely used in the production of cement and concrete and in the manufacture of construction materials like bricks, blocks and tiles. In agriculture, addition of GBF Slag to soil improves its pH level and provides essential nutrients to crops. Like Copper Slag, GBF Slag is used for abrasive blasting to clean and prepare surfaces and remove rust and paint from surfaces like wood, metal and concrete. In landfills, it is used as a stabilizing material.

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